Our portfolio includes a wide range of projects across various mediums:

  • Commercial: Product commercials, industry interviews, and music videos.
  • Documentary: Live coverage, rocket launches, feature documentaries, and comedy shows.
  • Narrative: Independent feature films, episodic series, and original content.
  • Extended Reality: Motion capture, LED volumes, Unreal Engine integration, and camera tracking.
  • “The Company of Thieves” – Western Feature – POST PRODUCTION

    “The Company of Thieves” – Western Feature – POST PRODUCTION

    Journey back to a time when the lines between right and wrong were blurred, and the quest for survival outweighed all. After orchestrating a heist near Carson City, a bumbling Thief dives into the Sierra Nevada mountains to avoid capture. Hot on his trail are a morally ambiguous U.S Marshal and a Native American tracker…

  • “One Day in Hadsel” – Thriller Feature – POST PRODUCTION

    “One Day in Hadsel” – Thriller Feature – POST PRODUCTION

    Dive deep into the serene yet turbulent waters of Hadsel as we unravel the tale of Gunnar, an elderly fisherman. As he wrestles with the tension between longstanding traditions and the looming shadows of survival, he finds himself ensnared in a web of deceit and danger. Harboring secrets for the local gang, Gunnar’s precarious world…

  • “Junoon” – Horror Feature – NETFLIX

    “Junoon” – Horror Feature – NETFLIX

    Junoon offers a gripping tale of ambition, the allure of fame, and the unforeseen consequences that come with it. A budding vlogger from Saudi Arabia embarks on a journey with his wife and best friend to Southern California. Their pursuit of capturing paranormal occurrences on camera turns out to be more than they bargained for,…