“Junoon” – Horror Feature – NETFLIX

Junoon offers a gripping tale of ambition, the allure of fame, and the unforeseen consequences that come with it. A budding vlogger from Saudi Arabia embarks on a journey with his wife and best friend to Southern California. Their pursuit of capturing paranormal occurrences on camera turns out to be more than they bargained for, leading them down a tragic path where they pay the ultimate price for their aspirations.

Our artistic vision was clear from the outset: to craft a documentary-style film without compromising on visual quality. By leveraging consumer cameras and phones as tools in the narrative, we intended to offer viewers a firsthand experience of the protagonist’s world. Through this approach, we strive to bridge the gap between modern film techniques and relatable everyday video content.

To achieve our vision of blending professional cinema with the raw appeal of user-generated content, we chose the Sony Venice, known for its impeccable clarity and low-light performance. This was complemented by Fujinon cinema zooms. The resulting high-quality image allowed us extensive flexibility in post-production, letting us seamlessly emulate various mediums, be it high-definition video cameras or casual social media clips.

California’s Idyllwild forest, recovering from a recent fire, became both our set and a character in the story. The charred remains of trees and ash-laden soil presented unique challenges and opportunities. Maneuvering our crew across the challenging terrains of this post-fire landscape required precision and care. To overcome the inherent lighting constraints, we utilized HMI lighting to emulate the soft glow of moonlight in a gorge, lending an authentic ambiance. When this was paired with the in-character video lights, the result was an immersive experience, finely balanced between realism and cinematic artistry.

Junoon received its debut at the Red Sea International Film Festival in 2021, earning a nomination for “Best Feature Film.” The journey didn’t stop there. It garnered “Best Feature Film” and “Best Cinematography” accolades at the 2022 Faten Hamama Film Festival, and “Best Editing” honors at the 2022 Nice International Film Festival. Further nominations for “Best Feature Film” have followed at the 2022 Saudi Film Festival, 2022 Malmo Arab Film Festival, and the 2023 Hollywood Arab Film Festival, cementing its place as a noteworthy addition to contemporary cinema.