“One Day in Hadsel” – Thriller Feature – POST PRODUCTION

Dive deep into the serene yet turbulent waters of Hadsel as we unravel the tale of Gunnar, an elderly fisherman. As he wrestles with the tension between longstanding traditions and the looming shadows of survival, he finds himself ensnared in a web of deceit and danger. Harboring secrets for the local gang, Gunnar’s precarious world is jolted when a neighbor unveils his concealed realities. Pushed to the brink, he makes an irreversible decision, one that not only disrupts the calm of Hadsel but also ignites a complex murder investigation. Ill-equipped to solve the enigma, the local police enlist the expertise of Felix, a relentless city investigator. With unconventional methods, Felix peels back the layers of Gunnar’s life, leading both men into an intense psychological standoff.

One Day in Hadsel demanded a specific visual touch: the look of modern-day horror, rooted in raw realism. The vision was to stay intimately close to the characters, allowing the lens to delve deep into their psyche and capture the most nuanced of expressions. Such an approach not only magnified the narrative’s tension but also spotlighted the actors’ subtlest performances.

To actualize this close-knit, deeply personal portrayal, we turned to the Alexa 65, pairing it with anamorphic lenses. This combination allowed us to play with a shallow depth of field when the narrative required, thereby granting us precise control over the image’s layers. This was most evident in how almost every frame depicted the characters amidst imposing foregrounds, symbolizing their entrapment and the ever-tightening noose of their predicaments.

Melbu, a quaint coastal town in Northern Norway, served as our canvas. With the summer drawing to an end, we were bestowed with extended daylight, an asset that enabled the filming of numerous outdoor scenes. However, this blessing was occasionally interrupted by the onset of autumn showers. This unpredictability meant that scenes had to be frequently rescheduled, ensuring continuity and consistency with the ever-changing weather. The resultant cinematography showcased Melbu in a spectrum of moods, ranging from the menacingly gloomy to the brightly hopeful.

Currently, One Day in Hadsel is undergoing post-production. The film is on track to embark on its festival journey in 2024, and we eagerly await its reception by audiences and critics alike.