“The Company of Thieves” – Western Feature – POST PRODUCTION

Journey back to a time when the lines between right and wrong were blurred, and the quest for survival outweighed all. After orchestrating a heist near Carson City, a bumbling Thief dives into the Sierra Nevada mountains to avoid capture. Hot on his trail are a morally ambiguous U.S Marshal and a Native American tracker from the Washoe tribe. As the rugged terrains become their battlefield, Thief, Marshal, and Washoe find themselves locked in a relentless chase. Alliances are forged, deceptions unveiled, and every move is a calculated gamble as each strives to validate their actions.

For The Company of Thieves, we delved into the neo-western genre, seeking to seamlessly blend modern filming techniques with the timeless charm of classic westerns. Though today’s filming tools afford agility and dynamism, we were conscious of preserving the deliberate, calculated composition reminiscent of an era when handling cameras required a battalion. With every frame, we endeavored to paint clear portraits of heroes, villains, and jesters, guiding the audience’s perceptions and allegiances.

Leveraging the compactness and cinematic prowess of the Red Komodo paired with Fujinon Cinema Zooms, we ventured miles into pristine locales, discovering vistas untouched by human encroachment. With our backpacking camera kit, we had the freedom to scout and shoot in places that truly invoked the wild spirit of the west. Additionally, a compact drone allowed us to achieve breathtaking aerial views, reminiscent of the grandeur previously attainable only through helicopters. As a nod traditional film techniques, we employed the day-for-night technique, using filters to transform sunlit scenes into moonlit moments, creating an enchanting illusion for a major sequence.

Production was a journey in itself. We traversed rain-soaked trails, snow-capped peaks, arid deserts, dense forests, gushing rivers, tranquil lakes, and sandy shores. By keeping our crew lean and harnessing the power of today’s cinema tools, we were able to capture the essence of a western in environments previously deemed unattainable without the backing of a major studio.

As we speak, The Company of Thieves is in its post-production phase. We’re prepping for a grand showcase in the 2024 festival circuit, and we’re filled with anticipation about how our audiences and peers will receive our rendition of a neo-western.